Welcome to ESOL Worksheets!

Are you a practitioner engaged in teaching English as a foreign language?  Than you are not new to spending hours and days on developing teaching and learning programmes, writing lesson plans and deciding on the ways of engaging your students into the process of learning. You are probably an expert in searching the web for new fun activities and ready-made resources. I bet you can remember those moments when you thought something like “What a great handout! I wish there was one like that, but matching my lesson plan…” Well, even though there are numbers of various sources of activities, there is still demand for something new.

This website is yet another collection of printables which are ready to be used in your classroom and are easy to download. The resources are designed around the most common topics taught to students who learn English as a foreign language. The handouts are created to support a range of learning skills and offer a choice of standalone activities as well as those linked to each other to offer follow-up and reinforcement tasks. Have a look – and hopefully you will find something to suit your next session.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for using ESOL Worksheets and hope for you to come back. Mind that the website is being updated regularly, so do not forget to check out the new resources which will be here for you soon. Please, feel free to make any suggestions either on improving the existing handouts or developing new sets. Your feedback and comments are welcome and deeply appreciated.