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Shopping On Holiday

This free printable ESL / EFL worksheet aims at developing reading comprehension together with basic skills in writing / spelling. Identifying and using appropriately some widely used homophones (words that have the same or similar pronunciation, but...

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Pet Crossword Worksheet – Practice Spelling Words for Pets

Looking for a fun activity for an ESL / EFL classroom? This free printable worksheet offers an engaging, entertaining and fun activity, supporting teaching and learning vocabulary for animals / pets and allowing for practicing spelling the target wor...

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How To Use A DVD Player

This free printable ESL / EFL resource allows for teaching and learning identifying and comprehending step-by-step instructions related to using a CD player. The worksheet comprises five tasks which aim at developing students’ reading and writi...

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A Letter To A Pen-friend

This worksheet is designed for beginner learners who work on basic writing skills. The exercises offered by the handout allow for teaching and learning using capital letters for punctuating sentences as well as for proper names, such as names of peop...

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My Journey To Manchester

A new addition to the collection of resources supporting teaching and learning of irregular verbs in an ESOL / ESL / EFL classroom. Working on the three activities offered by this worksheet, the students will practice identifying the target verbs in ...

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