Email About A Favourite Film


 UNIT: Reading / Writing

TASK: Gap-filling / Free writing

PURPOSE: Review / Test the target language skills

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate / Intermediate


This ESOL / EFL activity is based around reading a very simple e-mail about the popular film “Music and Lyrics” and filling the gaps in the text. The teaching and learning task allows for introducing another source of information to the learners along with working on reading comprehension and reinforcing the following language aspects: recognising “confusing words” (those which sound similar but are spelt in different ways), using the correct punctuation marks in the end of sentences, using capital letters to start sentences as well as in some proper names, such as days of week.

Though the task represents a sufficient stand-alone reading activity, it can also serve to help the learners to develop skills in writing short texts about favorite films or books, which is a very common task often used in test papers. We offer two separate worksheets, where the first one is a gap-filling activity (which can then be used as a sample text to follow) and the second one is a blank e-mail box for the learners to write about a recently viewed film. To simplify the writing task, the learners can start with reading the gap-filling activity e-mail and highlighting those words which can be replaced to tell about a film of their own choice. A discussion of sentence punctuation would be of help to lower-level writers. After that the learners can copy down the sample sentences changing some details, e.g. name of the film, characters, events, etc.

Another possible extension or follow-up activity is to ask the learners to discuss and make a list of questions which are answered in the sample e-mail. After that they can carry out short dialogues to ask and answer the questions in order to talk about their favorite or recently used films. It would be a good idea to have a choice of DVDs, film posters or popular magazines with film reviews available to prompt learners’ ideas.

Looking for more ideas? Try ESOLworksheets resources based around reading and writing informal letters about going to the cinema.

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  1. Liliya says

    This worksheet has been updated recently – make sure you check out the new version. Any comments on the existing file as well as any suggestion re further improvement are welcome and deeply appreciated.

  2. gelene says

    I appreciate what you are doing. I can tell you have put a lot of work into this! I like the idea that this can be used as a model for writing up other ‘reviews’. Not to mention that it is an email which is relevant and fun. Also the multiple choice format is a good support for students as well. One thing I would suggest for this and any other worksheets that you begin to put together is not to put too many tasks/skills on one page. Keep it focused on just one or two- for example.. just capitals/ending punctuation. I could work that into any lesson easily… When other skills/tasks are added to the same sheet it takes away from my being able to figure out if they are able to complete my goal/objective/skill that I set out to practice.. adding various skills/tasks all together (verb conjugation, homophones/homographs, etc) into one piece/worksheet starts to make it too complicated. In the end someone might decide not to use it b/c it doesn’t focus on the specific skill they need to work on.. Also by focusing on one skill/task it will provide more ample practice of that one skill instead of skipping around trying to cover too much, but not cover any one/offer enough practice of any individual skill/task..
    Think w/ the end in mind,,, what specific goals/objective/skill do we want/think needs to be covered and stick to that one/two…
    hope that helps 🙂 good luck and keep up the great work!!

    • Liliya says

      Hi Gelene! Thank you for such a constructive feedback – I will most definitely bear in mind your suggestions. Just to mention, this particular worksheet was initially designed as a test preparation activity and was more of “let’s check how much we’ve learnt so far and how ready for the exam we are” rather than working on a specific skill. Yet, if you have a look at other resources, like A Letter About Going to The Cinema or Replying A Letter About Going To The Cinema, those are concentrating on homophones/homographs only. I think, i might add this point to every worksheet description: if that’s a learning/practice activity or a test/review task. Once again, thank you for your suggestion – it’s very helpful and deeply appreciated!

    • Liliya says

      And I must say, that was a right thing to do to ask you for a comment – you’re so efficient and helpful! Thank you! 😀 Will recommend your forum to every friend/colleague!

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