Monkey Forest Day Out: Writing


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UNIT: Writing

TASK: Matching / Proofreading / Writing

PURPOSE: Practice using the Past Simple forms of irregular verbs in a written text

LEVEL: Intermediate


This free printable worksheet will provide learners of English with an opportunity to practice applying 16 commonly used irregular verbs in a written text about a family day out. A basic matching activity will help to learn or recall the target verbs. This task can be more interactive if you decide to use Irregular Verbs Cut Up Cards to support the activity. Locating the target words in a written text will build up learners’ awareness of the different forms of irregular verbs in relation to present and past simple tense of the story. The final task will encourage the learners to apply their knowledge of the target irregular verbs in order to rewrite the text changing the tense which the story is written in. This activity will not not provide for much freedom in writing, but it will allow the learners to concentrate on accurate use of the target irregular verbs rather than considering own ideas, vocabulary, word order and other language points.  A free writing task will be a great follow-up or extension activity for more confident learners, when they are asked to write about their own day out following the task pattern and with the requirement to include a certain number of irregular verbs in the text.

One of the most challenging tasks for ESOL / ESL / EFL learners is to memorise different forms of a number of commonly used irregular verbs and get confident in using them in spoken and written language. The more practice you offer your students the better. Look through our collection of similar worksheets and choose one to match your lesson: Grammar / Irregular Verbs

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