How To Use A DVD Player

This free printable ESL / EFL resource allows for teaching and learning identifying and comprehending step-by-step instructions related to using a CD player. The worksheet comprises five tasks which aim at developing students’ reading and writing skills, as well as building up their personal vocabulary.

Going In For Sport: Badminton

A new addition to the set of worksheets supporting teaching and learning of the topics related to sport, hobbies, leisure and healthy lifestyle by offering the students an opportunity for improving their reading comprehension. This task also provides plenty of scope for reinforcing the vocabulary for the days of week, time, places and food as well as for recapping such language points as adverbs of frequency and the present simple verb forms.

Email About A Favourite Film

This activity is based around reading a very simple e-mail about the popular film “Music and Lyrics” and filling the gaps in the text. The task allows for introducing another source of information to the learners along with working on reading comprehension and reinforcing the following language aspects: spelling, using the correct punctuation marks in the end of sentences, using capital letters to start sentences as well as in some proper names, such as days of week.

UK Film Classification System

Working on the handout, the learners are getting introduced to the five signs of The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) Classification System. To help the learners understand the use of the signs, they are offered to label each of the signs with the word(s) for their full meaning and to match them to the short paragraphs with explanations.

Going To The Cinema

A basic listening activity built around a short story about going to the cinema, set up as a paper-based multiple choice task which allows for reinforcing of the following vocabulary: words for relationship, days of week, time, names of places. The script of the text and the answers are provided as a separate teacher page.