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Monkey Forest Day Out: Writing

A free printable worksheet is based on a story about a family day out and designed for teaching and learning irregular verbs in an ESOL/ESL/EFL classroom through matching, proofreading and writing. ...

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Monkey Forest Day Out: Listening

A free listening activity worksheet with twelve multiple choice questions about a family day out for teaching and learning English. ...

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Shopping On Holiday

This free printable ESL / EFL worksheet aims at developing reading comprehension together with basic skills in writing / spelling. Identifying and using appropriately some widely used homophones (words that have the same or similar pronunciation, but...

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A Sightseeing Holiday In Paris

Memorising the Past Simple verb forms of a number of commonly used irregular verbs and getting confident in using them in spoken and written language is one of the most difficult tasks for an ESOL / ESL / EFL learner. The more practice you offer your...

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