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How To Use A DVD Player


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Thank you to Katja Khalil

who kindly provided design for this ESOL worksheet

UNIT: Reading / Writing

TASK: Matching / Gap-filling / Multiple choice

PURPOSE: Practice understanding instructions

LEVEL: Intermediate


This resource allows for teaching and learning identifying and comprehending step-by-step instructions related to using a CD player. The worksheet comprises five tasks which aim at developing students’ reading and writing skills, as well as building up their personal vocabulary.

Working on the first three activities, the learners will develop understanding of the target vocabulary.

The first and the second tasks provide for building up the word-bank, such as names for parts of a CD player and other relevant objects, through matching the words with the corresponding images and through identifying the words in short sentences. At this point you might want to draw learners’ attention to the fact that some of the sentences in task 2 are instructions, and some are not – this provides scope for teaching / recapping word order in an instructional sentence as well as for identifying those sentences.

The third task helps in improving understanding of synonymous words, such as verbs related to managing a CD player, through building up a list of the pairs of verbs with similar meaning. This list must not be limited to the pairs offered by the handout – you might want to mind-storm more words which your learners could add to the list and use while completing further tasks.

The fourth task aims at providing the learners with an opportunity to apply the target words in order to complete a letter providing instructions on using a CD player. The students are expected to fill in the gaps, using appropriately the vocabulary from the first three tasks. Less confident learners could be directed at the second task as it basically provides all the answers, yet not in the same order as in the letter in task 4.

The fifth task is aiming at identifying the gist, type and purpose of the text through answering four multiple-choice questions. The answers to the questions cold be a topic for a short group discussion where the learners would be expected to agree or disagree with each others suggestions providing explanation and evidence from the text of the letter.

The answers for all the tasks are provided on a separate sheet for your convenience.

Click any image above to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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