/ / / A Letter About Going To The Cinema

A Letter About Going To The Cinema


UNIT: Reading / Writing

TASK: Gap-filling

PURPOSE: Practice identifying and using homographs/homophones

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate / Intermediate

DESCRIPTION: This handout is aiming at developing reading comprehension and improving writing or spelling skills. While completing the gap-filling task, the learners can reinforce “confusing words” (those which sound similar but are spelt differently) as well as using capital letters in words for days of week and using the correct punctuation signs in the end of sentences.

NOTE: It is important to draw learners’ attention to the letter layout and explain that in a real letter there is no need to start each sentence with a new line, while in this handout the text is split into separate lines for the task purpose: numbering the lines makes it easier to check and discuss the answers.

As a follow-up activity, the learners can be offered to brainstorm different ways of starting and finishing an informal letter. Another option for an extension activity would be to ask the learners to write a reply letter following the pattern or using own ideas. You can also follow up this activity using “Replying A Letter About Going To The Cinema” offered by ESOL Worksheets.

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