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A Letter To A Pen-friend


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UNIT: Writing

TASK: Completing a table / Proofreading / Writing

PURPOSE: Practice using capitals letters

LEVEL: Elementary / Lower Intermediate


This worksheet is designed for beginner learners who work on basic writing skills. The exercises offered by the handout allow for teaching and learning using capital letters for punctuating sentences as well as for proper names, such as names of people, countries and cities. The resource can be used to support ESL / EFL lessons based around personal details and / or writing a simple letter.

The first activity offers to read a simple letter to a pen-friend. At this point the teacher might want to recap / introduce a basic letter layout. The learners are supposed to identify that only lower-case letters are used throughout the letter, which is wrong.

The second activity requires to provide answers on the use of capital letters. This could be either a whole group mind-storming activity or a small group discussion followed by the whole group feedback. To reinforce the knowledge and to make notes, the learners are asked to complete a table with the examples from the texts, which would serve as illustration of the target categories of proper names where a capital letter must be used.

The third activity offers a simple writing task, which includes a basic proofreading exercise. To complete the task, the learners should read the letter in order to identify all the errors in the use of capital letter (these can be underlined, circled or highlighted). Next, the learners are to write down / copy the letter using capital letters appropriately. As an extension task, more confident students may write a letter of their own following the pattern. This could be either a letter to their own pen-friends or a reply to the Alisha’s letter.

Click here to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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