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A Sightseeing Holiday In Paris



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UNIT: Writing

TASK: Proofreading / Writing

PURPOSE: Practice using the Past Simple forms of irregular verbs

LEVEL: Intermediate


Memorising the Past Simple verb forms of a number of commonly used irregular verbs and getting confident in using them in spoken and written language is one of the most difficult tasks for an ESOL / ESL / EFL learner. The more practice you offer your students, the better.

This particular worksheet will provide your learners with a list of 13/14 widely used irregular verbs with both Present Simple and Past Simple forms. The first task sets the learners to match the corresponding forms of the irregular verbs themselves which helps to recognise the verbs in a written text, remember their forms and spelling. Let you students keep the handout in their folders for further revision.

The second task reinforces identifying the target irregular verbs, as well as introduces a basic proofreading activity where the learners are to recognise that all the verbs in the text are used in their Present Simple form, which is a wrong choice for the narration, therefore the verbs are to be replaced with their Past Simple forms. At this point you might want to recap using present and past tenses in narrations: participation in a discussion will most surely develop your learners’ ability to make own conscious choice of an appropriate tense in their future attempts at  composing similar texts.

Whilst the third task does not provide for much freedom in writing, it allows the learners to concentrate on the accurate use of the target irregular verbs rather than considering own ideas, vocabulary, word order and other language points.  A free writing could be a great follow-up or extension activity, when the students are asked to write about their own / friend’s sightseeing holiday (following the task pattern and/or including a certain amount of the target irregular verbs).

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