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Bonfire Night: Vocabulary


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UNIT: Reading / Speaking / Listening

TASK: Matching

PURPOSE: Learn vocabulary related to Bonfire Night festival

LEVEL: Intermediate


A basic activity aiming at matching target words with their meaning, description or explanation. This free ESL/EFL worksheet helps students of English learn vocabulary related to Bonfire Night festival also known as Guy Fawkes Night. The task can be used to pre-teach a range of words commonly used in spoken and written texts related to the celebration. Working with lower level students, you might consider using relevant images to prompt understanding.

Check out some illustrations selected by ESOL Worksheets:

Bonfire Night Images

This particular vocabulary worksheet can be used alongside with the following reading worksheet:

Reading About Bonfire Night

You might consider using a grammar worksheet related to the same topic as one of the follow up activities. What about practicing using irregular verbs in sets of sentences about Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night: Irregular Verbs

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