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Irregular Verbs: Cut Up Cards


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TASK: Matching

PURPOSE: Learn two forms of some irregular verbs

LEVEL: Lower intermediate and any above


This particular set of cut up cards offers two forms (Infinitive and Past Participle) of thirty most commonly used irregular verbs. The cut up cards are designed to support any ESL / EFL activity based around learning and practicing using irregular verbs. The cards can be used as a full set or by chosen groups to pre-teach or reinforce target irregular verbs needed for a listening, speaking, reading or writing task in the beginning of a lesson or check the material in the end of a lesson.

To teach groups of irregular verbs which your students are unfamiliar with, you might want to use coloured copies of the cards, explaining that the verbs of each category are colour-coded: Infinitives or Present Tense forms on green cards and Past Participle or Past Simple Tense forms on orange cards. To recap groups of familiar irregular verbs, consider making the task more complicated by using black-and-white or grayscale copies of the cut up cards, so that the learners could rely on their knowledge to recognise which category, Infinitive or past Participle, each of the verbs belongs to.

Use these irregular verbs cut up cards together with the following worksheets:

My Journey to Manchester (writing)

A Sightseeing Holiday In Paris (writing)

We Go In For sport Every Day (writing)

or any other worksheets and activities based around using irregular verbs and posted on the following page under Grammar menu:

Irregular Verbs (page)

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Click any image above to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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