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Learning Preferences



UNIT: Reading

TASK: Reading a longer text / Filling a table to answer questions

PURPOSE: Practice identifying / using the target vocabulary

LEVEL: Intermediate / Upper Intermediate


As you meet a new group of your EFL / ESL / ESOL learners, you probably try to find out their classroom preferences and learning style, don’t you? Well, this activity will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get to know your students while offering them plenty of teaching and learning material, such as vocabulary for classroom activities, vocabulary for expressing preferences, likes and dislikes (verbs) as well as vocabulary for expressing and emphasizing own opinion (adjectives and adverbs).

Start with reading this text about Amalia’s classroom preferences and ask your learners elicit and discuss the target vocabulary while filling in the table. At this point you might want to use the ESOLworksheets cut-up cards on words for preferences, likes and dislikes (coming soon) and / or the cut-up cards on words for expressing opinion (coming soon): reinforce the vocabulary by grouping the words in pairs with the opposite meaning, display them in the classroom to prompt your student’s oral answers – be creative!

Follow up the task asking your learners to provide their teacher with information on their own classroom preferences: this can be done by setting up a free-writing task or by teacher-to-learner questions and answers, but my favorite one is student-to-student short interview when they question each other, write the answers into the table similar to the one used after this reading activity, and finally – report the findings to the rest of the group. The last one will take much longer time, but will also provide your learners with a great opportunity to work more independently, build up their self-confidence and practice a lot of engaging activities.

EXTENSION IDEAS: Would go for an extension? The text provides a good example of informal register. Can your learners identify that? Can they change the text into a formal one?

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