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My Journey To Manchester


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UNIT: Writing

TASK: Matching / Proofreading / Writing

PURPOSE: Practice using the Past Simple forms of irregular verbs

LEVEL: Intermediate


A new addition to the collection of resources supporting teaching and learning of irregular verbs in an ESOL / ESL / EFL classroom. Working on the three activities offered by this worksheet, the students will practice identifying the target verbs in a text, matching the Present and Past Simple forms of 20 widely used irregular verbs and using appropriate verb forms in a written text.

The first task aims at recognising the verbs in a text, and at the same time it allows for introducing a simple proofreading activity where the learners are expected to realise that the Present Simple verb forms are used throughout the text, which is not the best choice for a text that is more likely to narrate the past events. The learners are supposed to come to the conclusion that the verbs are to be replaced with the corresponding Past Simple forms. Yet, it’s important to point out that the infinitives can not be changed.

Completing the table in the second activity is an effective approach to learning the target vocabulary, as soon as active matching and writing down supports memorising of the pairs of words together with their spelling. This will be reinforced by using the target verb forms while writing down an amended text in the third activity.

Would like to use similar activities in order to offer your learners more practice? Have a look at the collection of worksheets based around irregular verbs.

Click on the image above to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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