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This free printable ESL / EFL worksheet aims at developing reading comprehension together with basic skills in writing / spelling.

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UNIT: Reading / Writing

TASK: Close (gap-filling)

PURPOSE: Practice using homophones

LEVEL: Intermediate

Identifying and using appropriately some widely used homophones (words that have the same or similar pronunciation, but different meaning and sometimes different spelling) is a difficult task not only for elementary level students, but also for intermediate level learners of English as a second or as a foreign language.

The more practice you offer your students, the better.

This particular handout can be used to support lessons build around either traveling / holiday or shopping topics. The exercise offers to read a story about going on holiday to Turkey and buying souvenirs. The text contains 17 sentences with missing words.

While filling the gaps, the learners will practice recognising and using correctly  up to 10 pairs of homophones, such as read – red, see – sea, were -where, two – to, buy – by, etc. The lay-out of the exercise allows for easy group-discussion of the answers, as every sentence is positioned on a separate line and numbered.

This also provides a teacher with an opportunity to set up a class discussion on appropriate layouts for written texts: if your learners would like to write their own story about a recent holiday, they must not start each sentence from a new line, but write the text as a whole paragraph. To make the exercise even more engaging for your learners, brain-storm what countries they have visited and what souvenirs are commonly brought from those countries.

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Click on the image to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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