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Sport: Picture Prompts


On this page you can find a number of picture prompts to support teaching and learning activities related to sport in an ESOL / ESL / EFL classroom. Use the set of images together with the cut-up cards with words for names of sport activities (below) to introduce the target vocabulary to your learners through a simple matching activity, or mix-and-match the images to pre-teach the vocabulary for or illustrate any other speaking, listening, reading or writing tasks based around sport topics. To get some more ideas, have a look at the set of reading activities linked to going in for sport offered by ESOLworksheets. The pictures can also be used to prompt discussions and dialogues related to hobbies, leisure and healthy life style. You might find it useful to offer your learners to describe any of the pictures either orally or in written. A scope for using the picture prompts is unlimited!

Cut up cards: sport

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