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UK Film Classification System



UNIT: Reading

TASK: Matching

PURPOSE: Practice recognising the signs

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate / Intermediate


This worksheet offers basic information on the UK Film Classification and includes the following activities: understanding the meaning of basic signs, labeling, matching and reading a short paragraph.

Working on the handout, the learners are getting introduced to the five signs of The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) Classification System. To help the learners to understand the use of the signs, they are offered to label each of the signs with the word(s) for their full meaning. A slightly more advanced procedure includes reading of the short paragraphs explaining the full instruction denoted by each of the five signs and matching each paragraph with the corresponding sign. The handout offers some additional information about BBFC and the Film Classification System, which can be used as an extension activity.

A great follow up activity would be working with some regalia, such as a free choice of DVDs, video tapes or PC games (each of them would have one of the signs on the box). These are likely to be available in any household. You could ask each learner to pick a DVD / tape / game, locate the classification sign and explain who the piece is suitable for. You could also set-up a simple mini-role-play each time to engage your learners even more. It could be about borrowing a DVD or a game from the library when a librarian is to decide if the piece is suitable for the customer, or you could preset the situation asking your learners to choose and buy a present for a child / husband / friend. You could also ask your learners to plan a day out with their family or friends, when they would go to the cinema and would have to choose a film to watch. For this reason you could bring in some film posters or use cinema websites. You might consider using this handout together with other activities related to films and cinema offered by ESOLworksheets.

A good way of engaging your learners in a discussion would be to ask them if they knew of the classification system before and if they attempted at using the signs while purchasing DVDs and games for their household or while going to the cinema.

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