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We Go In For Sport Every Day


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UNIT: Writing

TASK: Labeling / Ordering / Completing a table / Writing

PURPOSE: Practice using the Past Simple forms of irregular verbs

LEVEL: Basic / Lower Intermediate


The earlier you start teaching Past Simple forms of irregular verbs to your learners, the better as it will give them plenty of time to grow confident and apply their language skills both  orally and in written with more accuracy. This worksheet offers your students 6 most commonly used irregular verbs and a simple practice activity to help memorise them.

Reinforce the target vocabulary for sport activities with a basic labeling activity. Recap the names of the days of the week while working on a basic reading activity: re-order 5 sentences to construct a short story about one’s week starting from Monday to Friday. Pre-teach or check the knowledge of the forms of the target irregular verbs through completing a table, and finally practice using them in written sentences through copying down the second activity sentences following the correct order of sentences and replacing the Present Simple verb forms with the corresponding Past Simple forms from the table.

As an extension or a follow-up task, you might want to ask your learners to compose about 5 sentences of their own to tell about their participation in sport activities during their usual week.

This activity also provides scope for  reviewing words for places and adjectives to describe them: you might consider following the second (reading) activity with oral questions and answers, e.g. Where do I teach my son to ride a bicycle? and/or What is the park like?

Have more ideas on applying this worksheet in an ESOL / ESL / EFL / TEFL classroom? Share your vision with us – leave your comment and/or suggestion below!

Click on the image above to print or download a free PDF copy (will open in a new window).

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